Chilaw to Negombo.

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Chilaw to Negombo. 47.1km, 89m. Lovely flat cycle on “beach road”. Sunshine! Before the rain.


Waiting for tourists. Sadly we will have gone.

Great to wake up to blue skies after 24 hours of torrential downpour.  Most of our kit is sodden or at least damp (really not smelling great).  Followed the beach road down the coast, fringed with prawn hatcheries and lots of fishermen.

Hotels very few and far between.  Lunch overlooking the waves crashing onto the barricaded water’s edge.  Only the two of us there, eating.  Not sure how these places are surviving.  We are told that the tourists start arriving 15th December.  We wish them luck.

Feel sad turning away from the coast heading to our last hotel before we fly out Friday am.  The heavens opened for a final dump on us before we pulled into the Tamarind Tree hotel.  Absolutely amazed at the sturdiness and reliability of our bikes.  They have been brilliant. They can rest and look forward to a good clean back in England. Hope they remain safe and have a good flight back.

Our blog will be continued, Jan 1st.

Thank you for reading this far.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Bloody hell. Sri Lanka is over. Great times.




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