Back from Tad Lo waterfalls. 31.1.16

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 17.09.03

Our route back to Pakse. Too hot.


Stunning morning.


Cassava and coffee beans drying naturally.


Garden gnomes. Odd.


The gecko has seen the light.

The Bolaven plateau is the centre of a huge extinct volcano. Loads of volcanic pumice stone and the whole plateau is rimmed by the crater’s edge. Fairly cool compared with the Mekong plain, so only 30C not 38C.  Lots of coffee, thanks to the French occupiers earlier. Now a big industry. Some of it is very tasty.

We thought that the ride back we thought was going to be easier than it was. Left at 8.30, so missed the cool of the morning. Over 3L of water each, and 2 Pepsi’s but still too dry. Banana’s and bread knicked from breakfast helped us on our way. Could become a habit. Where did we learn it from?

Back to a nice hotel. Sheets that are clean, water that is hot, and from a tap. We now take nothing for granted, and appreciate some things more.

Tomorrow a gentle day.

Both feeling fitter but the bearing of Paul’s knee might be a bit wobbly. Time will tell. Apparently a mix of some green plant and the urine of a local medicine man might fix it. We think ibuprofen might be better. Actually Linda is in favour of the local urine but it’s Paul’s knee. And he takes ibuprofen.


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