Siem Reap, at last. Mon 8th Feb.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 15.15.23

Into Siem Reap. Red dirt road, but Yea!!


Dust gets everywhere.


Lake fish, hmmm. Not so sure.

Found a good dirt road detour en route to Siem Reap which avoided the very fast traffic on Highway 6. Much nicer cycling through the villages.  The villages have power yet, but on its way.  Wonder how long this way of life will last.

Approaching Siem Reap were very confused by the traffic lanes, apparently 2-way in each lane.  Thank goodness for and Paul’s ability to cycle, watch out for tuk tuk’s, mopeds and scooters coming from all directions and still follow the route which led us right to the hotel’s front door. Impressive.  Great coffee right next door and a laundry.  Happy days.


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