Day on Holiday Sat 13.2.16

IMG_1753 (1)

Our hotel’s pool. Jolly nice it is, too!

Our last day in Siem Reap, and just chilling in 35 degrees. Trying to work out a plan to go east, to Phnom Penh. Bus, cycle or boat? The bike ride to Phnom Penh will be the best part of 500km, as we would have to go around Tonle Sap, so about 4 days. Time is slightly running out (groan). Bus or boat? Bus is probably more comfortable but we have seen lots of countryside from the road. Boat it is! Although many reviews on the internet are not great, lets get there with an open mind, warm heart and see what happens!

06.30 pick up, with bikes. Hope to be in Phnom Penh by 3pm. We have been learning all about the Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot in the 70’s.  Great book, First they killed my father. Not sure if we want to go to the ‘Killing fields’. It may have been turned into a tourist circus, rather than a serious subject for quiet contemplation. To think on.

We can’t help but think that the arrangements for tomorrow are, to say the least, flakey. We are concerned that a car for us, and a tuk-tuk for the bikes just might not be co-ordinated. Paul resolves to go with the bikes in a Tuk-tuk, if it turns up at all.

Another day. Another adventure.


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