Around Saigon. 18/19.2.16


Stunning. Armless.



Tet celebrations.




Old and new

Crazy city.  Hot, noisy, fast, exhausting.  But, some great food. Checked out the Museum of fine arts. It’s good to get out of the sun.  Lovely building with old tiled floors, worth the visit just for that. Paintings made Linda happy, so all happy. Some really world class art.

The next museum to get our money was the National museum of Vietnamese History. Not the catchiest title but rather interesting and worth the 10,000 dong entrance fee. We thought 10,000 dong was a lot, but in fact about 30p. The artifacts are starting to make sense having visited Angkor Wat and the great museum in Siem Reap.

The streets are even trickier to cross than in Hanoi, with 4 or 5 lanes to negotiate.  Have figured out the scooters but more cars to weave between.  The face masks are to preserve the paler skin.  Hands are in gloves and feet in socks in flip flops.  We feel quite naked.

Paul’s choice for lunch and he navigated us to a great pizza spot.  Interesting toppings, seaweed and squid?  Linda had strong memory of her brother’s aquarium and the fish food.  Can’t wait to get to the coast to sample some regular seafood.

We enjoyed a refreshing coconut drink. Especially as we were only charged about 8x the going rate. We learn, sadly slowly.

The city is too busy, too loud, too much. Keen to go to the jungle.


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