Back to Hanoi. 9.3.16.


Too much cycling, not enough food.

Our train was better than we thought it might be. Good chat with Arturo, bottle of wine and a pretty good night’s sleep. Even better, when we arrived in Hanoi, only 1/2 hour to get our bikes, in good condition and hadn’t been knicked. Phew! Happy Paul and Linda.

Then to our old friends at Hong Ngoc Hotel, wander around Fine Art’s museum and met up with Simon and Ha for supper, times 2. Thank you both for your hospitality. Great to see you.

Then to Halong bay tomorrow.


1 thought on “Back to Hanoi. 9.3.16.

  1. I can’t believe the trip is drawing towards its completion. Glad the bikes made the train trip without supervision,it must have been a big relief to meet up with them again. See you soon love Mary

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