2nd day @Brandon Lodge

Gosh, what a day. Early – well, 7.45am – walk, breakfast and then a snow shoe around the sea. Actually across a bit of it. Goran, our guide, was fab. Lovely coffee and then lunch in the Sami house tent. Just the 3 of us and smoked reindeer. Yum.

After lunch, dog sledging. 6 dogs, all keen, and seem to know how to do it, as we don’t!. Only a few panic moments, then we started. Golly, amazing. We both had a chance to ‘drive’ which means holding on with a death grip and praying to your god or gods. They answered, as all survived. Even if the person in the sledge was gripping with his/ her bottom as tightly as the one gripping the sledge driving.


Sami tent. Rather splendid place for lunch.

Supper: steak with pepper sauce. Fab day. And a glass of (very very expensive) wine. Argentinian Malbec has never been more expensive.

To sleep.


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