Day 3 of The Lakes Adventure

Our longest day so far, so an early breakfast. Er, nope. Hotel say no. ‘8.30 is the earliest’. Really?? Yep. Hey ho.

24Km, 880 M climb, and not enough water. Well, drinkable anyway.
Big scenery
At the beginning of the day. Very Mellow.
Fab walking. Maybe even MTB?!
Little glades, bluebells and other magical things!
Shadows prove the sunshine!
4 tired feet
A skylark, not larking around, or in the sky. But his colleagues gave us a symphony of sound

A great day’s walking. Hard in the heat and no where to have lunch. Disaster! But anticipated so chewy bars, apples and nuts are a feast. The route started with the Walna Scar track, easy navigation – made for the mining, long since gone. Views are amazing, the sound of moorland birds lovely. A few people around, but within 1km of a car park the people all go. As we leave the scar track navigation becomes a bit challenging. ‘Permissive route’ means ‘not marked on the map, or on the route itself’ and ‘ swept away last year by the river’. We wobbled a bit, tramped through bog but eventually came onto a path. 2nd mistake was following someone else on the fells. I’m not sure they knew where they were going, but certainly not the same was as I had planned! 50 m of climb later to get back onto our path. They appeared to be going into a dead end quarry. 15 mins later, calm restored and lesson learnt!

From the top a gentle walk down inter dispersed with vertical bouldery sections. Dramatic. The ubiquitous sheep laugh at us.

We arrived into The Boot Inn at 5.30. Apparently if we havn’t arrived by 6 they send out a rescue party. It was close, but the Boot is hugely welcoming, warm shower, and water. Yea!!


2 thoughts on “Day 3 of The Lakes Adventure

  1. Goods like your seeing the Lakes in all their glory. Also great that you wandered off route, I’m sure you only did that to make us feel better for doing that a few times ourselves 😂🤣.

    Make sure you enjoy the walks and views and not do too much… have fun and very jealous of those views . Xx


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