Iguacu Falls, animals, birds and insects. Part 1

Crested Caracara, great backdrop.
Capuchin baby.
Scarlet Macaw
Burrowing Owls
Black fronted Guam (jacutinga)
Green beaked Toucan
88 butterfly
Coati, great climbers.
Flamingo, almost asleep
Golden bellied flycatcher
Great dusky swifts
Green parrot
Guira Cuckoo, one day son…..
Red rumped Cacique

A few of the living things we have seen. As usual, they all bugger off as soon as a camera comes close, but a number of images are ‘OK’. Nearly all are ‘in the wild’ ie we just happen to come across them. The red rumped Caique’s are quite extraordinary – loads of them and you only see the red bit as they fly away. And the make a huge noise, the bird equivalent to ‘Its mine’, ‘no it’s not, its mine’ ‘sod off’ ‘no, you siod off’ repeated hundreds of times. They may be saying something else. Who can say!

Squirrel Cuckoo

Most of the fife is seen not photiographed.


This is one of hundreds of shots of the bird flying. But only flew about 2 m so had to be fast!

Yellow and black swallowtail.

Green Parrot

More to follow!

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