Last days of The Pantanal, sadly.

A bit camera shy
Female howler
Crab eating foxes love .. er.. bananas
Off to hunt ocelot – mosquito time
Punk headed cardinal
Just look at those toes
Such a beauty
Just five of the 15,000
Who’s a pretty boy/girl?
Yum yum
Mr Tapir

The temperature cranked up for our last day – really appreciated how cool it had been. The road trip on the Transpantaneira is not for the faint-hearted in a non-air conditioned bus. Or are we just wimps…..? Yep. A lunch stop at our fab guide Tom’s home town for more rice, beans and lots and lots of beef. It is delicious but, really, so much? The area is pretty much as dry as it’s going to be – hundreds of caimans stranded in muddy ponds as the herons and ibis (Ibisses??) stab out the last fish. An incredible wildlife area but time to head back to Cuiaba for our trip north to the Amazon.


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