Last few days of Brazil

Capuchin Monkey
One of over 1500 different butterflies
Blue bird, name to follow!
Mum, dad and 2 baby swallows.

Poison dart frog

Swimming in The Amazon. Bloody hell!

Canoeing down The Amazon. Our beach!
Just amazing
Our final Toucan.
Saki Monkey. Now rare.
Agouti, spread Brazil nuts.
1,000 (+) year old Brazil nut tree. Extraordinary. The nut pods are grapefruit sized, fall 50m and can kill you if they land on your head! Only the Agouti can open them – except man and a big knife.
Fab market near our final airport hotel.
All the fruit and veg is beautifully arranged.

Sad to be leaving Brazil, but our time is up and we need to get back to other bits of our lives. Brazil has given us so many lasting images, mainly glorious wildlife, diversity and fun. A bit of sadness around the ripping out of jungle to make way for cattle or soy. At times we give up on humans and their need to expand. We do what we can. By seeing these things and supporting local industry we help, if only a bit. Cristalino would not exist as primary forest withoiut tourism. The gate into the reserve was the dividing line between barren fields and jungle.

This trip has made us question so many assumptions, about humans and lives.

We were sad to miss the coverage of Elizabeth 2nd’s passing. A big thing.

We are ongoingly sad to hear what other countries think of the UK. The local politics of Brazil seems to be as divided as the UK, but with a lot more poverty. Complicated.

A glorious trip.


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