First day cycling

First hotel, with pick up chance outside.

Fabulous first buffet with a vast selection of spicy curries – a particularly lovely dish of roasted banana flowers.  Hotel sat on the shore of the Indian Ocean. Windy, stormy night kept Paul awake (allegedly) whilst Linda slept soundly.

Buddha by boat

Monet would be very happy to paint here.

40 foot high Buddha.

Sri Lankan post box. Colonial influence?

Sri Lankan post box. Colonial influence?


Under construction

Under construction


Road conditions generally good but not on this stretch.  Welcome rain shower cooled us off a bit – 36.8 degrees in the sun and very humid.

Kingfisher on a post.

Kingfisher on a post.

Are there croc's?

Are there crocs?

Second hotel in Kitulgala.  Bit more basic and the river’s a great breeding ground for mosquitoes.  Can you spot the kingfisher?  Also spotted the rarer pied kingfisher.  Lots of egrets in the paddy fields and sitting on the cows.

Bit traumatised by the number of broken legged dogs on the sides of the road but they do appear to sleep in the road waiting to be run over.  Glad we’re up to date with our rabies jabs as some definitely friendlier than others..


1 thought on “First day cycling

  1. Well Toto we’re not in Kansas any more!
    Looks fabulously exotic, but could well be Chessington World of Adventures too 🙂
    Glad you are having a great time so far!


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