Raft and Ramble

Day off cycling.

Kithulgala Heritage Rest House

Certainly not a luxury stay but, hey, had a ceiling fan and some of us hot water.  Location spectacular right on the banks of the river.

No, you won't get wet.

No, you won’t get wet.






Despite best intentions Linda, was persuaded to white water raft.


Raftless in the river

Raftless in the river







The rafting was huge fun, very exhilerating and yes, we were drenched but in 30 degree weather who cares?



Lunch, same as breakfast and supper.




Experiencing a delicious variety of curries.  Had spotted a small lorry with half a dozen huge tuna sticking out the back;  a favourite dish here often is tuna curry.

Acupuncturist’s car collection





Had lunch at the restaurant of some famous acupuncturist who bequeathed his extensive quirky collection of Rolls Royces and classic cars to his employees. And his house. Maybe Paul should retrain.

Who pays the ferryman?

Big yellow bamboo

Big yellow bamboo




Obviously not the variety of bamboo to plant in our shrubbery in Winchester.

Virgin rainforest.

Virgin rainforest.

Afternoon spent avoiding leeches in a bit of the last remaining virgin rainforest. Sadly failed on the leech front, but worth the sticky heat to see loads of plants and how villagers live. Needed a ferry to get over to it.

Leeches move so quickly, like slinkies, but more blood.

See separate page for flora /fauna.


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