To Trincomalee, Thanksgiving.


Leaving our great hotel,Giman Free Resort. Rural, lovely food and great rooms. Huge bathroom. Friendly folk.


Fuel for the cookers. No diesel needed


Maybe the reason we were the only ones in the hotel? Not passable by anything other than 4×4. Or feet.


Girls and boys wear very smart uniforms, and take their education seriously. Happy the country is at peace. At last.


Most of the ladies are very elegant and shade themselves as much as possible. Hindu, Muslim, Christians and Buddhists live side by side.


Lunch. Tasty and better than it looks.


Its customary to use any loo when passing. Just knock on the door and ask (Linda would feel happier using a bush. Except for the snakes.) The picture does not include the smell.


Drying fish. Again, the smell…


Fish retail outlet. Again, the smell.


Cows add something on the beach


End of day beer. 100k!

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 18.32.48

Our 100k route. East coast Sri Lanka.

Later than anticipated start to our 100km cycle after a full curry meal served together with omlettes and fresh fruit.  Already high 20’s getting on the bikes.  We have been so well looked after by Marcus, Suranga and Ganesh, who anticipate our every need with refreshment stops.  How will we cope next week on our own?

Head wind all the way up the coast but wonderful views of the lagoons and the plains (still trying to spot a rogue elephant).  The thought of a chilled beer at the end keeps us going.  Now for that beer.







1 thought on “To Trincomalee, Thanksgiving.

  1. Pics only paint half the story- heat, smell…what an adventure and the beer looks rather good too. You are both getting some classic tanning lines – tapir like! Enjoy the coast and the curries. Cheers Jonnie


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