Around Trinco


Our view before cycling, a monsoon.


Hope it doesn’t happen again, they are not ready.


Protected species, wandering around the fish markets.


Different jubilee. Different Queen. Faded now.


Evening stroll


Too much for one person? No.


Our group. L to R, Ganesh, Bill, Janice, Paul, Suranga, Linda, Paul, Marcus. 27/11/2015.

Still hot but wetter.  Beaches beautiful with light touch tourism.  Trinco harbour escaped the Tsunami due to its deep waters, not so the surrounding areas where 35,000 people lost their lives.  So much history here with invasions by the Dutch, Portuguese, Indians, British and a few skirmishes with Burma and yet the Sri Lankans remain friendly.

Last day with the group.  Back to Colombo tomorrow and the start of our 2 week unguided adventure.  A little disconcerting.


2 thoughts on “Around Trinco

  1. Its Friday night. Its raining with gusts of wind flirting with gale force. Its damp. The seafood is non existent – and were it to materialise, it would be deep frozen.
    Work was grizzly this week.
    I have to confess to being a soupcon jealous. Just a soupcon, mind.

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  2. Having seen the perils and discomforts surrounding the early two weeks. Plan B 5 star hotel for the remainder? Probably not with you pair. Love M n D


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