Sri Lanka wildlife


5.30 am, en-route to Yala National Park.


Tusker, not happy with us in his way.


I’m not sharing my breakfast with anyone, says the Crested Hawk Eagle.


Living handbag, belts and shoes.


4 bee eaters, we think. Unusual to see 4 together. Maybe lots of bees.


One big lizard, a water monitor, munching on a dead dog. Maybe 6 feet long.


We spooked a few Buffalo. Glad they are running away, not at us.


Wild Boar, well, a bit miffed, anyway.


White necked stork, on take off.


Not the best weather for wedding photos. Great beach, though.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 09.38.02

Yala Safari. In a Jeep so doesn’t count for mileage.

Two safaris in two days and lots of driving almost more knackering than cycling.  Disappointed not to see a leopard but very happy to be supporting a local economy that  recognises the importance of conserving their wildlife.  Very lucky to see a tusker – only a few males are born to be tuskers, the rest live a solitary life.

First hotel not completely sorted for us, only opened a week and offering great value for money.  Thunderstorms and lightning the backdrop for fish supper on the beach (for the first time in Sri Lanka, enjoyed a bottle of chilled wine).


3 thoughts on “Sri Lanka wildlife

  1. what a posting! it may have been tiring but just looking at those photos of your experience, it looks like a great day/s. Brilliant trip, long may it continue 🙂


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