Wedding breakfast, for ‘the home coming’. We feel under dressed.


Coconuts and ladders


No footprints here.


If I jump it might fall over.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 21.44.56

Tues 1.12.15 route. 42km

A lovely stay at Lagoon Paradise Beach Resort, a welcome breather for a morning checking out the pristine beach.  Finished off with a warm up cycle around the area, first time unsupported.  Mapping worked and found a great mix of dirt track and back roads.  A small incident with a runaway calf – Linda’s Van Nich has great brakes.  Last 10 km on main road, crazy buses in big hurry.  Currently this part of the coastline is undeveloped, great to be able to enjoy it before the crowds arrive.  18 hole golf course planned to open April, 2016.  Can’t wait, groan.


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