Heading west

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 19.47.01

First day fully away from support. 2.12.15. 62km, 316m climb.


A new skill. Pack everything onto the bike.


Veg, all new to us.


Great light house


Real fishing, for real fish.


Kids just want to have fun

Missing our regular snack stops with the team, now being self-sufficient and all that (didn’t manage to find lunch – made do with a bag of cashew nuts).  Proudly purchased our first king coconuts to drink – Linda ended up with severe indigestion.  Maybe there is some skill to be had in selecting the ripe ones.  Map reading proving a little tricky as page doesn’t match road – oh well.  Found ourselves up a very dirty track with lots of construction traffic trying to mow us down.  Decided probably safer to stay on main road tackling the buses.

After a bit of hit and miss, found a clean little hotel on beachfront.  We’re not too fussy, trying to keep to a budget, hot water and air con a treat, beer a must. It’s all good.


1 thought on “Heading west

  1. Sorry about the indigestion!!! Hope Linda feels better and that it is nothing worse than that! Well I’m fully back home now, had my first full night of sleep at the proper time, but still feel a bit tired. I’m finally going to get out on my bike … in fact I will go right now!

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