Around Mirissa, and snorklelling

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 17.44.50

Around Mirissa, in and out, fast! Touristy. Surfer and dude spot. Note 1 km cycling on water.


Mermaid, or siren?


Mirissa harbour. Cost us 12p to get in.


All working boats. No tourists here, except us.


Swordfish. Not sure why he needs a woolly hat, it’s 32 deg c.


Coast guard hard at work.


Loads of boats, true colours.


Just like Hampshire


Butter fish, from sea to supper in 3 hours.

Paul, admittedly, is a proper snorkeller.  Linda is not and not planning to become one in crashing waves, with no buoyancy aid.  A Chinese couple joined us, equipped with smart new kit and full rash vest suit – 2 minutes later, vomiting.  Paul, meanwhile, loved every second and even had the chance to swim with a turtle (Linda very envious of that).

Discovered proper Marissa fishing harbour, so colourful, a real treat to soak up the sight (not the smell).








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