To Galle

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Mirissa to Galle. 1 hill, yea.


Caught before we were even awake. Should pay his way today.


Not an easy way to make money, easier to charge for photos, which they do, if they see you.


Lunch, for two on a beach.

P1100570 (1)

Ramparts of Old Galle


Lighthouse on Galle point.


Another light supper. £12.50 in total.

Don’t feel as though we really deserved this huge feast this evening after only 40 kms of cycling today.  How does  Paul manage to sniff out a hill up a crumbling dirt track even on a “flat” coast road?  Linda was quickly shaken out of her post 2 beer lunchtime stupour.  A cheeky 50m up in 1 km.

Have seen women working on the sides of the roads, digging ditches and in downpours on the steep tea plantations hills.   Suspect the lacemakers have a slightly better time of it, though they’re never going to get rich.

Have a fine view across the ramparts this evening at Fort Galle, temperature at 9pm, 27 degrees, a welcome coolness after the 38 degrees while cycling.

The days are changing form rural Sri Lanka to a more touristy flavour. The people are still friendly but need more to get the best out of them. We say hello before they say hello back. A slight surliness from some is an unwelcome flavour, which we haven’t felt before.

Our plans had to stay in Galle for 2 days, but the vibe isn’t to our liking, so off north tomorrow to find a fresher Sri Lanka.





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