Galle to Wadduwa

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Galle to Wadduwa. 89.5km + 101m climb.


Left Galle as the overnight monsoon eased up.  Joined the throng of traffic heading north.  Roads full of buses, lorries and tuk tuks squeezing past Saturday fruit and veg markets (with us caught in between).

Lots of kilometres pedalled as we aim to get close to Colombo to try and cycle across the city Sunday am hoping the roads will be less busy.

Cycled by more stupas and shrines and a mosque with loudspeakers booming out their chanting, rythmic and scary.

More fishsellers by the road, fresh and dried.  Also a few markets full of fresh fruit and veg. A whole lorry load full of pineapples. I guess all will be sold. Sri Lankans doing their weekend shop.

Reached as far as Wadduwa before sundown, trying to find a bed for the night.  First hotel horribly expensive, carried on down the road when the tap was turned full on.  Negotiated a heavily discounted rate.  Good news, we didnt’ have to get any wetter.





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