Wadduwa to Negombo

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 18.40.35

Wadduwa to Negombo, through Colombo, yea. 72.8 Km, 125m climb. Sun 6/12/15.


South beach team, fishing.


North beach team, fishing.


Fishermen are not wealthy.


Garmin is closely inspected.


The picture tells the story: hot and hard work. King coconut needed.


RC procession


Full steam ahead


Sailing into the sunset.

Followed the railroad tracks and continued north.  Timber merchants line the side of the tracks.  Every little piece of wood is used, scraps for firewood and clothes horses up to finely turned balustrades.  Onto 3 lane highway into Colombo, with everyone else.

North of the city we took the Hamilton Canal path, a lovely respite from all the honking horns.  Lunch spot a very empty hotel with two rather sad little Christmas trees but a very nice seafood fried rice, and beer.  The manager turned on his Christmas hits melodies while we ate (yikes, less than 3 weeks til Christmas).

Into Negombo for the night.  We were last here just over 3 weeks ago. Feels a few days and a few months at the same time. The thunderstorm and heavy rain hasn’t managed to drown out the howling of the dog next door and the water is now flooding under our bed.  But, calamari and crab for supper.


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