Negombo to Kite House

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 18.31.36

Hard long day, but ended in The Kite House. Stunning position. Loved it. 7/12/15, Mon. 121.6km, 234m climb.


7 am and all’s mellow. Anticipating 120k cycle ride.


Early morning sail from Negombo beach.


The belly loves it. The knees, not so sure.


Once bitten, twice shy. Our hut for the night.

Keen to drag Paul out of the hammock to get going for long cycle ahead. Were  flooded out of our bedroom the night before and it didn’t get any drier heading north.  Risked a dodgy looking food stop 70km into the trip – so desperate for an ice cold coke.  Skipped on the hard boiled egg with rice (looked as though it had been sat there awhile) and had freshly cooked chicken fried rice.  Don’t see any other tourists in this area and definitely not on bikes. In fact one one cycle tourist so far at all, in 4 weeks. Odd. People still always so friendly, waving and calling out to us.

Have an Airbnb place booked up on the Kalpitiya peninsula – £13 per night yeh.  Our hosts emailed to say were heading to Colombo but “Sanda” would sort us out.

Took a wrong turning. And then another. And another. Soaking wet in a coconut plantation (owned by the St. Anne’s Shrine)  Lucky to knock on the door of a Russian kitesurfer who was able to direct us.  This peninsular is renowned as the best kitesurfing area in South East Asia.

Sanda and husband live next door to Ana and Manoj, speak no English and are absolutely charming.  Sanda had been tasked to cook us curry and rice and, wow, best meal so far.  Sat on the floor of their “chill out hut” with half a dozen different dishes of curry.  Doesn’t get much better.

The Kite House b and b is basic but very comfortable with cold shower and a fan.  Sadly, the fan does nothing to dry out our sodden cycling kit which is becoming “riper” by the minute.  Missing washing machines and tumble driers.

Hopefully tomorrow will see bright sunshine.




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