Around Da Bia Homestay, Wed 6th Jan

Another Health Warning, for 6th photo down. We are getting used to the local ways.


New Muong home – everyone helps, unusually chaps lending a hand too.


Considered auspicious to have doggy dinner while building new home

Considered auspicious to have doggie dinner while building new home.


For Rob Carter and Nick Adams. Great surface and only route to our homestay. Yea!


Nhem’s granny

So lucky with the weather.  Woke to a sunny day which warmed up to 30c.  Sadly the wet towels don’t dry in our “stilt” bedroom in the overnight cool air.  Linda woken by some winged thing flapping around the room at 5:00 am, Paul barely slept, so in tune to differentiating between the local cockerels, not helped also by a couple of cockroaches dropping onto his head.

Banana pancake breakfast then a hosted boat trip on the enormous reservoir.  Only spotted one bird perched on the fishing nets.   There are rumours that some fishing is done with dynamite, or electrocution. Both are illegal, but we are a long way from anywhere.

Karst limestone backdrop is stunning. Some small villages only have access by boat. Remote.

First stop to a  house being built, then to Tay village, some of which was floating on the lake. All hugely welcoming. Apparently they only see 10 or 12 westerners in a year. We felt a bit like the pied piper at times with the children following our every step.


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