Transfer to Hanoi, crazy city. 7th +8th Jan.


Hanoi, during a lull in the traffic.


Crabs, still alive, just.


Toad bile juice. Yep, its true. Used in traditional medicine.

Leaving Ngoc- Nhem homestay was a mixed blessing. The excitement of our first city in Vietnam, but it’s bonkers Hanoi. We were both looking forward to a few days of a little bit of luxury, like lights and a choice of food.

We arrived late afternoon and Hanoi was in full swing. Just walking on the streets in the old quarter is a challenge, crossing the road needs serious planning. Once you are in tune with the city, it gets much easier: Just walk, the mopeds, generally, will avoid you, probably.

A day of wandering around a wet market, shops and life generally, all lived at 100mph.

Food was street meal, £2.50 and a beer for 50p. And it was good!

Lovely to meet Linda’s godson Simon and his wife Ha, who are both Hanoi residents now. A few local beers costing £1 and a G+T costs £1.50, in a smart bar. Great! Sadly the ice wasn’t so good as Linda spent the next 36 hrs very close to the (thank goodness) en suite.

Next, to wander around a bit more!


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