To Luang Prabang, World Heritage Site, Laos. 22.1.16

Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 22.48.31

Hard day, but what a day! 1000m climbing, up to 39.8C, and 80Km. Superb.


For some this is an everyday view. For us, awesome.


Such a view…Top of the world, well, Laos anyway.


Our first sunset on the Mighty Mekong.


The first of many Temples. Luang Prabang.

Very happy to leave our “guesthouse” room.  It was damp, grey, dark and grimy. A bit depressing, really.

Very foggy this high up in the mountains, a big shame as we had hoped to get a better view of the vast panorama of mountains.  After a transfer through the fog along the pot-holed road, a speedy 18km downhill to Loun’s village, Ban Khoua Nam Ming, on the river Ming.  Sadly, his brother had left to work in the fields, but we met his sister in law and great nephew.  Loun is probably the only member of the family to read and write, and certainly the only one to speak English.  We played with the two new puppies who chased the chickens on the mud floor of the house while Loun grabbed a late breakfast before hitting the next big hill, a 16km climb with pockets of searing heat.

Lunch of fried noodles sat on a log on the top of the hill before a cooling downhill.  The cycling  here is amazing.  One final killer of a hot climb before Luang Prabang and our first sight of the Mighty Mekong.  What a beautiful city with its french colonial buildings now transformed into smart boutique hotels.

Final Group supper, ie Paul and Linda. At the Coconut Garden restaurant where we were joined by Winchester friends, Sian and Lawrence who had just arrived from Chang Rai via the Mekong.  Looking forward to a couple of days here and a chance to explore the area.

Can’t wait to try out the fresh croissants and proper coffee tomorrow am.


2 thoughts on “To Luang Prabang, World Heritage Site, Laos. 22.1.16

  1. Well, So Much to read and think for us. Indeed experience in your case. I do look forward to going through and discussing. Much seems endurance. Look forward to hearing about and seeing you in not to soon. Love to each. D

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