Around Luang Prabang. 23/24th Jan 2016


Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 17.38.15

To the 1,000 Buddha caves.


The final group photo. Thanks guys, great time.


Cruise down the Mekong.

P1110451 (1)

Green snake. Apparently quite nasty if bitten. So we didn’t bite it.


Pensive walk. Will the bamboo collapse??

Last cycle out with our great guide Loun.  Headed to the Buddha caves in glorious sunshine.  Some Mekong fried fish for lunch before a boat ride across to the caves.  Eagle eyes spotted the bright green rather nasty snake in the trees.  We kept well clear.  Buddhas in the caves not the most exciting.  Laos people are more animist than Buddhist. They believe there are spirits in all things; mountains, rivers, plants, animals that need appeasing. This usually involves fruit, blood, goats and a virgin if they can find one.

Gentle boat trip down the Mekong back to LP (both fell fast asleep).  Back to our busy guest house. Not sure how the backpackers can afford the place. We can’t.  A huge stand of fresh cakes for sale outside but saved ourselves for supper with Sian and Lawrence.  The town closes down early even with all the backpackers around.

Shock Sunday morning to torrential rain and freezing cold.  How can this be?  All layers on for a wander around LP, hanging out in coffee shops.

Supper in L’Elephant restaurant in LP. Best meal. Buffalo steak for the lucky ones. Paul had fish. Steamed. Lovely red wine, The Chocolate Block from SA. Bloody cold. They put warming charcoal braziers under the wooden table. Bonkers but jolly effective in warming us up. And the wooden table.

Hope it gets warmer. Winchester is warmer that here at present.

Luang Prabang is an interesting mix of Buddhism and tourism, done in a mellow way. Great place to chill (literally) for a bit.

The next 5 days is now sorted out. To travel south to Vientiane, then to Pakse in southern Laos. We will be looking forward to warmth, although we will want it cooler too soon. It can never be right!


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