Hanging around at Life’s a Beach. Sat 27.2.16




It’s behind you!


Stable, until its not.


Spray, again.


Beach BBQ, yum yum.

It’s really hard to leave this place.  It doesn’t matter that the sun has disappeared and it’s grey and windy.  It’s a beautiful spot.  Gavin and his partner, Steve, discovered Bai Xep in 2013 and just had to stay.  They built Life’s a Beach in one season and gradually it’s evolving with more accommodation, some private en-suite rooms and more dorm space, pebble paths and landscaping.  They have really integrated with the fishing village next door becoming involved with the community, sourcing local products and employing all local people as their staff and  offering English lessons.

Our room has been the best yet on our trip.  Simplicity is good when it’s clean and stylish.  It’ so easy when it’s done well.  Large towels and two each – wow, proper luxury.  Crisp white sheets and a really comfy bed looking straight out over the ocean.  We haven’t had better.

Almost a nasty incidence on the beach.  The sea is not to be messed with.  Some diehards, plunged into the water and one chap went out a little too far and was caught in the waves breaking and dragging him back out.  An uncomfortable few moments before he managed to make headway before the next big one pulled him back.  No speedboat here or lifeguard on duty.  You don’t see the locals in the water.

An interesting group of transient people passing through.  From Norway, Sweden, Canada, USA and Denmark.  Some long-term backpackers, some taking a career break, realising that the daily grind just doesn’t hack it and that there must be more.  A clever touch is the group early supper.  It gets everyone together and last night was BBQ using the Vietnamese method of cooking over their clay pots.

Sadly, the rich guys are moving in.  There are plans to build a super luxury resort on the beautiful little island facing our beach.  The local village have been told they have to move their boats and they will have restricted access to the beach.  How can this be fair, right or proper?  Big money always wins out. Just make sure you don’t get shot in the process.




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