To Quy Nhon, Sun 28.2.16

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 21.05.46

To Quy Nhon. A small step. The next day will be hard.


Linda chatting with Capt J Sparrow, aka TJ.


Life’s a Beach. Happy here.

We kept on delaying our departure, late morning, until after lunch,  a beer… The procrastination had to stop.  Linda actually finished reading a book on kindle while Paul did some maintenance on the bikes.  Life’s a Beach is such a great place to chill and hang out.  But, we had to say our goodbyes and cycle back onto the highway heading for Quy Nhon.  We both felt quite sad to be leaving.

An easy cycle up the road, really doing it just to shorten tomorrow’s route which will be around 135km.  Not the prettiest city but sits on a beautiful part of the coastline with another gorgeous beach.  Very much a tourist town for the Vietnamese.  Not even the Russians come here, at the moment.  Cycled around the town and came across a guesthouse for the night.  We walked out to explore.  Stumbled across a local market, great for stocking up on oranges and bananas for snacks for tomorrow, but, hang on, which street is our hotel on?  Bugger, it all looks so different when the sun goes down.  Paul got lucky and remembered a temple, which probably saved another hour of wandering close, but not actually finding it. Luckily neither of us got grumpy, just understandably a tad tetchy, Linda.  Crummy pizza for supper but only around the corner, and we recognised it as a pizza, which is good. We couldn’t possibly get lost going back. Phew.  Need an early night as alarm call is for 5:30 tomorrow. Ouch.


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