The Next Chapter

We are waking up the Paul and Linda cycle blog. A bit confusing, as no cycling. But, Paul and Linda carry on!…..Travel around Costa Rica, looking at birds, bugs and things that bite. Sounds totally fab! And a bit more luxurious than our last trip. We hope.

Expect lots of photos.

The trip starts in 73 days!

Thank you Imagine Travel.

Our thoughts on kit, to follow. What shoes, jackets, trousers, the options are serious. Any help gratefully received!

Paul and Linda


2 thoughts on “The Next Chapter

  1. You will love it. And, no doubt we will talk about this over a glass or two, we loved Costa Rica and cant wait to go back.
    Weather can be changeable (you don’t get green without rain!!) and the cloud forest can be COLD, so layers including waterproofs required. A head torch and strong hand-held torch each is needed to make the most of night walks (use a guide as they have bat like radar for picking things out).
    The eco systems are brilliant and as the country is smallish you can see a lot of there diversity. I think Arenal is worth a see, and make sure you book a hotel room with a balcony facing the volcano (book now if its on your itinerary). I spent most of the night watching the lava gurgling out with the odd small burst. Awesome.
    Self driving (we used a 4×4 and it was needed on the way to Monteverde – but it was a few years ago that we went…) easy to book internal flights (Tina will never forget ours……).
    The trick is to try and work out where to stay and what to see – don’t do too much as you need time to enjoy the places your in rather than skimming.

    Ok, enough for now.

    Very jealous.


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