Tortuga Lodge, Day 3, 18/1/19

Expect the unexpected in the jungle – monkeys don’t perform and don’t appear to order.  Birds do surprising things.  The  screeching Montezuma oriole does somersaults on his branch showing off to the girls and toucans sound like frogs.  Red frogs and kingfishers don’t wait for photographers.  The endangered jaguar finds nesting turtles a delicacy.  It’s a precarious balance here.  Fifty years ago the jungle was being logged.  Today Torguguero has a chance with tourism and at least there is now a medical clinic.  The delicate environment here is threatened with plans for a new highway through the jungle, bringing the risk of mass tourism, pollution and destruction of the very thing we come to see: raw nature. None of the locals want it, except the (very few) land owners who will make a fortune. The same the world over. Some talk of bribery and corruption. Who knows.

The Next Chapter

We are waking up the Paul and Linda cycle blog. A bit confusing, as no cycling. But, Paul and Linda carry on!…..Travel around Costa Rica, looking at birds, bugs and things that bite. Sounds totally fab! And a bit more luxurious than our last trip. We hope.

Expect lots of photos.

The trip starts in 73 days!

Thank you Imagine Travel.

Our thoughts on kit, to follow. What shoes, jackets, trousers, the options are serious. Any help gratefully received!

Paul and Linda