Last day in Swedish Lapland


The best Northern Lights that we saw. Rather impressive. The photo is as it was, but just a bit brighter. We can only imagine what a real storm would be like.


All great. Cycling on Ice, skiing in the forest. Amazing.

Reindeer, dogs. What a place.

We will be back. We hope.


2nd day @Brandon Lodge

Gosh, what a day. Early – well, 7.45am – walk, breakfast and then a snow shoe around the sea. Actually across a bit of it. Goran, our guide, was fab. Lovely coffee and then lunch in the Sami house tent. Just the 3 of us and smoked reindeer. Yum.

After lunch, dog sledging. 6 dogs, all keen, and seem to know how to do it, as we don’t!. Only a few panic moments, then we started. Golly, amazing. We both had a chance to ‘drive’ which means holding on with a death grip and praying to your god or gods. They answered, as all survived. Even if the person in the sledge was gripping with his/ her bottom as tightly as the one gripping the sledge driving.


Sami tent. Rather splendid place for lunch.

Supper: steak with pepper sauce. Fab day. And a glass of (very very expensive) wine. Argentinian Malbec has never been more expensive.

To sleep.

Next Adventure Brandon, Northern Sweden.


We have arrived in Lapland in Sweden. A mere -5c, apparently quite warm for this time of year! We come in search of snow, huskies, ice fishing, and, of course, the Northern Lights. In the above photo a ‘hint’ of green can be seen. Ish.

Jolly cold, SAS bumped our flights by 3 hours, so 6.30pm arrival became 10pm, groan. The kindly Brandon Lodge had left us out supper and a bottle of wine! Yea.

Adventure starts tomorrow. Nordic Winter Skills at 10.00 am. Does it involve rape, pillage or plunder? Maybe not. Perhaps just ice fishing. Might even eat our catch!