Day 4, To the Cloud Forest.


A day of travel. A 5.30 am start to get the best out of the Jungle walk, breakfast and then a cruise for 2 hours up a small ditch through the rain forest. Fab. The transition from protected national park rain forests to commercial lands was quite dramatic. Pristine nature, then commercial pineapples. Money …..hey ho.

First impressions of the cloud forest…, well, lots of forests, and, er, clouds. The rather special hotel,  El Silensio  is totally fab. And our car. A great 4×4, and not really needed so far, but, feels solid. And $5 a day for number plates, $22 a day for insurance, $3 a day for paint (joke) but $300 for 10 days over the price quoted that “included insurance and unlimited kms” etc.

Tomorrow, about 15c lower temp than yesterday, but new birds, new walks, and new forest noises. Bring it all on! Lovely meal, and feeling relaxed.


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