Cloud Forest, 20/1/19.

Our first night at El Silencio. Quiet, it is. And jolly wet, quite cold and not exactly cheap! Linda says the styling is superb, sharp and she wants to replicate it at home. Paul says, er, jolly nice. The room is fab, with a rather lovely hot, private Jacuzzi, yea! It was built 11 years ago, total luxury but not really our price bracket. Affordable for 3 nights, just. But we don’t exactly miss the bucket shower that we had in Cambodia. But here is probably 100 times the price. Honestly.

The birds are great, but gosh they are hard to photograph. The ones in the photo are purple throated mountain gem humming birds. We know. The male is purple and gets the credit and the name, but, as ever the female does all the work and has an orange breast. The male went down the pub and hasn’t been seen since. They fly so fast, in a random pattern and never stay anywhere longer than 0.00000001 s. ( I only slightly exaggerate!)

We saw the tufted flycatcher, guess what, catching flies. Cute. On a branch and zooming up for a fly and back to the branch.

It is very green, wet and rather lovely. Total contrast to yesterday in 30c and 99% humidity. Here it is about 1,500m high and we are enjoying no mozzies.




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