22.1.19 Travel to Uvita

The day started well, Linda feeling much better. Not full breakfast better but at least a piece of toast and peppermint tea better. And a slight smugness that we had saved $300 on no supper, no lunch and no alcohol. I’m sure we can spend it, three times over tomorrow!

The trip down to Uvita started not so well. Our directions stated ‘Go to the main road’. Well, no clues. Sat nav said turn left, we did and the road certainly was not in any sense main.  Pot holes deeper than the grand canyon, no tarmac at all and the satnav just said ‘unmade road’. Thanks Garmin. We guessed. Eventually back to a road. In fairness the views were to die for. We almost did, but now, sitting in our next rather splendid hotel, it was all worth it. And we are safe, yea. Oxygen Villas is totally Fab. Views, great food, nice folk and a yellow throated toucan that  says hi. We have never seen one before. Life can not be sad with toucans in it. They are so happy. I know that this is pure anthropormorphing, but it makes us feel better.

Driving in Costa Rica is actually fairly mellow. And a car is really helpful once at the hotel.

Tomorrow down to the beach. Lovely temperature, sounds of the night and no mozzies. Perfect.Our route. 5 hours of fun.

Maybe tomorrow will be cold and cloudy. Don’t think so!


1 thought on “22.1.19 Travel to Uvita

  1. Now that looks a lot better! Not encouraged by your first few posts which mentioned far too many carnivorous insects for my liking! Logs which blink are ok but not bugs. Keep posting!

    Bill & Janis

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