Uvita. 23.1.19

Early am (well, not that early) dirt track down to Ballena National Park, timed for low tide to walk out to the famous “whale tail”. The most astonishing vast empty gold sand beach fringed with palms, no people, no hotels, no hawkers – bliss.  Costa Rica surprises us at every turn as, overheating, we headed for the shade of the palms and heard squawking and shrieking.   Our patience was rewarded with the scarlet flashes of the vibrant primary coloured scarlet macaws.  Through our bins and camera lens the noises were a preliminary to a bit of a courting ritual.  Not sure if it was him or her swinging upside down on the branches -what a treat to witness.  Definite highlight of our day.   Sadly, the macaws are now extinct on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Amazing birds, and in the wild easily heard, a bugger to photo.

Our pm expedition took us to some isolated waterfalls. Paul demonstrated his climbing prowess  (more practice required at the climbing wall).  He discovered the delights of the waterfall pool – very refreshing.  The thing it’s easy to forget is that there are loads of  nasty bitey, stingy things around and as we gathered up our garb, watching our every move are more poisonous frogs.

The day topped off with a swim in the villa infinity pool, Oxygen Villas,  listening to the howler monkeys, cicadas, shrieks and calls of all the wildlife around – pretty amazing..

Tomorrow a boat trip and hopefully snorkeling. Fab.



1 thought on “Uvita. 23.1.19

  1. That looks really. With the possible exception of the look in the eye of the green frog. Obviously Linda has warmed sufficiently. Keep enjoying and sending. D


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