“Relaxing” day, just loads of wildlife and the promise of a walk into the forest at night, again. The birds and mammals just are amazing, and many reptiles think you are lovely. For lunch or dinner. We are increasingly aware how extraordinary this place is. Many ‘resorts’ have loads  of wildlife that are fed and nurtured for the benefit of tourists. The monkeys are fed bananas, the humming birds are fed sugary drinks (a bit like the humans)  and the photos are taken. Here, they try not to interact with the life around at all. No feeding, no pampering, not a ‘zoo’. So we see what we see, sometimes not what we want to see. And bushes and trees get in the way of the Nikon. Hey ho. Totally fab. But sometimes they choose to turn up on top of our heads. Not sure who is watching who!

At night the rules change. We can not see. ‘They can’. And they bite, and do. The fer de lance snake will happily kill a human. Looks great. The spiders won’t kill you. But apparently it really hurts.

The night is so interesting. All bets are off. Other than mine is a cold beer.


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