Osa, 26.1.19

Osa Peninsula is quite extraordinary. Remote. Life is teeming. Everything trying to outgrow each other. The birds chirping in a most exotic way. Flashed of colours are everywhere, except where the camera is pointing. Howler monkeys, spider monkeys, we are becoming good at telling the difference, even just from their noises in the trees. We can even start to recognise a few bird calls.

Collared ant eater

Sleeping after an ant feast.


The afternoon was all about walks around the hotel.Loads to see and the start was a sooo cute collared anteater. Grubbing out ants, rubbing his nose when the ants bit too often and then moving on when ant reinforcements arrived. Amazing, and a privilege just to watch. We prefer a menu and a glass of wine.

Fab day.



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