25.1.19, to Osa Peninsula.

The trip started well, 9.45, lovely breakfast and found that the directions were wrong, but in a good way! They said 25km of dirt track, but: new road! Yea. Much easier. But then it got real. Dirt track is a bit of a compliment, very steep, across two streams, both of which needed full 4×4 and Paul swallowed a brave pill. It worked, phew. The car could probably cope with a lot more. Human issue!

Arrived at El Remanso. The place is, well, just totally, wow. No wifi, no TV, but eco and the staff exude local knowledge and information. Wildlife everywhere and no need for locks – we don’t even know our villa number. Everyone just seems to know us!

Night walk, and loads of bitey things.

Ronaldo, our night guide took us down to the river armed with torches.  He has an uncanny way to spot all kinds of creepy crawlies which would simply have been invisible to us – scorpions, tarantulas, crayfish, agouti (looks like a giant rat but cuter).  He could even call to the red eye leaf frog and it called back enabling him to track it down to the leaf it was sitting on.  An eye-opening hike.

Back for supper. Grand day.

Tomorrow a walk in the woods!


1 thought on “25.1.19, to Osa Peninsula.

  1. The photos look fantastic.. are the Costa Rica tourist board sponsoring your trip?? They should.
    I’m amazed at the sheer variety of locations each offering something totally different and all appear to be stunning.
    I’m enjoying it all.


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