Tortuga Lodge, Tortuguero.17.1.19

Storm in the night, heavy rain then howler monkeys for an early morning alarm call. At 5.15! On the water for our ‘cruise’ at 7.30 and into Tortuguero National Park. Brown water full of nutrients helps feed everything. Including logs that blink at you. Then you realise, a caiman. The green verdant trees blend into the waters edge, and eveywhere life is just teeming. Howler monkeys hang out with spider monkeys, and herons are trying to catch lunch. Bugs find theirs on our legs. As hard as Paul tries the elusive kingfisher defeats him, still. A hangover from Sri Lanka. One day…

Lunch back at the lodge was fab, then a wander into Tortuguero town, or rather small backpacker village. So glad tourists are able to give enough money to make it worthwhile for the locals not to kill everything and plant pineapples. Tasted home made chocolate from local cocoa, and learnt how they do it. Sticky walk back along 4km of deserted volcanic beach with the Caribbean rollers producing the sound track to our stay here. Amazing that anything can rise above the wave noise. But, gosh, they do. Hot, humid but everywhere it is just dripping life.

Tomorrow 6am walk in the jungle. Lots of mozzy spray needed.

Day 1 in Costa Rica, 16th Jan 2019

Well, our first 24 hours on Costa Rican soil. So far, well, actually, er, bloody amazing! Flight was OK. At least direct. BA ‘Rubbish class’ was a bit grim. The av stuff in flight did a but no v and  the food was at best OK. But on time and no drones. Good enough!

A slight mix up with how we actually made it to our first hotel. First one just a place to crash. Fine but available in every town and city all over the world. And a slight mix up how we were going to get to our second. But sooooo worth it! Tortuga Lodge is the sort of place that you dream of. Idyllic was a word invented for here. Soft wave noise, so much wildlife, great food, no cars, only accessible by boat and very few people. Fab. Worth the journey.

A walk in the ‘garden’ (30 acres of secondary rain forest!) and these photos. Loads of flying things. Some birds but mainly mozzies. Totally glorious.

End of day one!

Tomorrow a ‘cruise’. 4 of us in an open boat going into the national park. Yea!

My class of wine calls. Tough life.