The trip to The Pantanal

Fork Tailed Flycatcher
Green Kingfisher
Great Egret and Tiger Heron (Juvenile)

Tiger Heron (Adult)
Wood Stork
Jabiru stork
Blue heron
Black Caped Danacubius
Roseate spoondill
Pygmy owl

Our trip to The Pantanal started early, 5 am. This will be a common theme for the next few days. First stop Pousa Aleggro. A basic but ‘honest’ cattle ranch with some stunning wildlife.

Food is rice, beans and something. And lots of fruit. Actually rather good.

Wine: all from Chile. Hmmm.

Tomorrow we go to The Pantanal proper, via Transpanitineria. Exciting!! And I have put to bed my inability to photograph a kingfisher. Yea!!

Be warned. Exciting photos to follow…..


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