Pantanal ‘Proper’.

Snake Bird

Vermillion Flycatcher
Hyacinth Macaws
One of the 121 bridges we had to cross. A tad dangerous.
Snail Kite. You can see why it has that name!

The End of the Transpantinera. Now the river.
Partners for life.
Our first Jaguar. A female cib, 18 months old. Yea!
Hunting, but no catch.
Relax time.

Our trip to the next lodge, down the Transpantineira by cattle truck. Well, it says safari on it, but it feels like it has no suspension. But, amazing animal life. Capibara, caimen, and huge numbers of birds. Every colour known to man, and a few more. And we have entered Jaguar territory.

Just inctedible.

All the photos of animals are fully ‘wild’, no animal parks, no idea what we will see.


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