Pantanal watching

A miss.. Just. Phew says the Capybara, as she exit’s right.
To be this close to the power….


Yum yum

Jaguar meals. And cute!

We can see you. But only just.

Easier to see. But rare.

Greedy Kara Kara!

Just before her lunch!
Got it!
Her lunch as well!

Just amazing. The northern Pantanal is quite superb. Our last lodge, South Wild, is the best so far, but the bar is set fairly low by ‘usual’ hotel standards. But the wildlife is ‘off the scale’, easily. So far on Ocelot, but we remain hopeful. Rice and Beans continue as the staape diet with fruit and river fish. No haut cuisine, but fine and real.

Sadly we will be moving on tomorrow. More fun in The Amazon! xx


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