Great cycling day, to Nha Trang. Mon, 22.2.16

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 17.26.10


I see no ships.


Exhilerating cycle, breathtaking scenery. This was an ‘up’ bit.


Pine forests for miles and miles. Smell lovely.


When it’s wet….we wouldn’t be able to cycle down the road.

We left Dalat at the civilised time of 8am. Yea, a lie in. Then we were treated to a superb ride. Starting high at around 1500m, we went on a few ‘undulations’ as Bobby described them for 60km. Undulations in Vietnamese means 5km steep up then 1 km gentle down. We climbed around 1,200m in the first 40kms.  But, the last 30km made it all worth while. Sweeping bends, descending as fast as you wish on basically great roads, no trucks, and views that made us stop every few kms. Lunch was a picnic at the top of the mountains. Great, although several people had had the same idea before us. The big difference was that they had chosen to throw everything out of their cars, rather than take it home. As a result a pristine view was rather destroyed by so much plastic rubbish. We, at least, didn’t add to it.

The final push over 100kms was a bit hard into a head wind, and the ‘flat’ road wasn’t that flat.

Hey ho, we are by the sea, and the promise of fish awaits.

Supper in a seafood restaurant. Sadly the ‘pot seafood’ didn’t quite hit the spot, but easily good enough. Beer was all we really needed.

A superb day’s cycling, what its all about. Any cyclist who didn’t enjoy the route should be on very strong medicine.


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