Around Nha Trang 23.2.16



Topiary Town


Hard day’s work


Just for tourists? Maybe but…good.


Life’s a beach, got our mojo back. Or Mojito anyway.

Last day with Bobby with an 8:00 am pick up from hotel.  Quick visit to a nearby 7th C temple, built by the Cham people, before Angkor Wat. We’re getting pretty good at recognising religious influences and symbols. Historically, the middle of Vietnam was heavily influenced by India and Hinduism via the ocean trading routes.

Off to the bustling port in Nha Trang to catch a boat over to one of the numerous islands off the coast and a bit of snorkelling.  Well, Paul snorkelled and Linda had a quick dip, but didn’t actually get her hair wet.  Bobby sat and read the newspaper.  Paul says the snorkelling was good and he has captured on his camera a number of coloured spots on a murky brown background.  On the floating pontoon was a raucous group of Vietnamese lunching on some freshly caught fish with copious amounts of rice wine and a lot of “mort, hai, ba” – 1, 2, 3 and knock it back.

We motored to check out a floating fish farm where we were offered “lobster”, actually crayfish, for $100 per kilo.  Needless to say we declined.  Did get some very nicely cooked squid for lunch washed down with a couple of Saigon beers.

We are so impressed with Nha Trung beach.  It is stunning.  White sand and clean.  The beach is immaculate and the gardens very smart with lots of creative topiary interspersed with some interesting sculptures.  The first area in Vietnam we have visited with no litter all over the place.  Massive infrastructure still going on with the creation of a new marina and lots more hotels to be built.  Biggest group of tourists are Russian, in numbers and size.  Had the best mojito yet sat on beanbags on the beach with a full moon.

Nha Trang could be described like one of the big Spanish resorts, but it sort of grows on you. Smart and casual, good European with Vietnamese street food. Great combinations and very enjoyable, if brash at times.

Start cycling again tomorrow, and a $30 ‘resort’. May well be different.


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