To Ninh Hoa, 24.2.16

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 20.06.32


Just blue here.


Busy motorway.


Tough life, someone has to be here.

Are we odd?  It still feels good to get back on the bikes and to leave town.  Followed the coast, all rather strange as, paved carriageway, topiary median, street lamps and pavement and, nothing else.  There must be big plans for the coastline here.  Would rather see more high rises contained within one area than a strip development all along this beautiful coastline.  Lovely cycle with great views over the ocean and the fishing villages and not too much traffic.  Maps, as often,  a little vague but found our destination hotel, past the cement factory.  Very surprised, based on the price, to discover a beautiful beach, large swimming pool with rather gorgeous gardens.  Two large Russian tour groups also in town, but plenty of room on the beach for us too.

A very nice seafood lunch in the restaurant on the beach, creamy oysters, grilled prawns and squid.  Could have done with twice the size and a big bowl of rice after the cycling but managed to fill up with the buffet supper.

Planing  a bigger day for tomorrow, so early start. Weather seems to be changing, clouds coming in, getting a bit windy. As are we.


3 thoughts on “To Ninh Hoa, 24.2.16

  1. Hi,
    The latest blog looks idyllic. Well deserved after all that exercise. Love the blog especially the unusual scenery and always a smile. We think well done and look forward to seeing you.


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  2. Seems a trip of big contrasts in a rapidly developing area. I think it will be very different when you repeat the trip in 10 years.. I am already looking forward to comparing the blogs!!

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