The last day around Iguacu. It’s been fab

The back of the Male Surucua Trogon. Amazing find!
Male resplendent Surucua Trogon
Really fun on the ‘boat safari’.
Great Dusky swift, living next to the waterfalls
Green backed tanager. Amazing colours!
Southern Lapwing
Red rumped Cacique. And their nests.

Capuchin young.
Toco toucan pair.

It’s winter here but it should be warmer. A lot. Iguacu Falls is a UNESCO heritage site and listed as one of the seven natural wonders of the world. This is a good thing as there is some protection for the Atlantic rainforest and its inhabitants. No jaguars on this trip but lots of gorgeous birds.

We have also had a fab time ‘getting over’ jet lag: great hotel, someone else cooking food/ washing up/ making the bed…. yea!

And the area is such a great place. Jungle noises in the morning wake us up at 6.46 exactly. 3 birds that we now look forward to their screeches: red bummed crow thing, brown thing and a slightly bigger blacker thing. All totally amazing (latin names to follow).

Breakfast is a total delight: as much fruit as you can eat, omlettes, croissant, bread, meats.. you get the idea. And, since it’s our last day a glass of Brazilian Champagne. I know; it’s not Champagne. But you know what I mean….

The boat safari was, surprisingly, rather fun! And bloody wet, which was the point. You have the option of ‘wet’ or ‘dry’. Even the ‘dry’ is fairly wet.

So: in summary: 5 nights? Probably one too long, but 2 is definitely too short. You choose. But 2 will leave you feeling you have missed out. Which you will do, if you don’t come and visit here.

Over for a few days.


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